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Scaffolding Lidcombe

A scaffolding is also known as a staging which is a temporary structure designed to support materials and people during a construction or major structural repair project. Scaffoldings have been used for centuries but unlike in the past today these structures need to be extremely durable in order to bear the often hefty loads of multi story structures. That said there are numerous types of scaffoldings which include ones that use tubes and metal pipes which have been prefabricated. At times it may also need to be custom made from bamboo and wood. At Saferway we specialize in scaffolding in Lidcombe of all types regardless of the size or type of project.

Custom tailored scaffolding in Lidcombe

At Safeway we specialize in custom tailoring every scaffolding we assemble in order to meet the special needs of a project. Though custom tailored scaffolding may often be seen as being expensive we offer the most competitive pricing in this industry. We use a number of techniques in addition to a team of highly professional engineers to design and assemble scaffoldings meant for almost every type of structure. We also use some of the best materials that money can buy to ensure that the resulting scaffolding can hold up to maximum pressure when in use.

You benefit from decades of experience

We have been providing residential scaffolding in Lidcome since as far back as 1999. However, we have over 3 decades of experience in addition to all the resources needed to provide you with the type of service that guarantees the best results. Our service includes a number of packages for erecting and supplying the scaffoldings, in addition to removal and dismantling of the structure. We are also 100% Public Liability & Worker Compensation complaint, as well as use our own especially designed Safety Management Plan, so there is absolutely no liability on your part.

If you require a scaffolding in Lidcombe erected by a team of specialists that you can trust then look no further than us. Call us on (02)9793 7864 or fill out our online form to discuss your project.

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