Scaffoldings are one of the most important part of building or repairing any type of structure. The job of the scaffolding is to bear the load of the structure and the people working on it until its complete. Scaffoldings have been used for many centuries but today they need to be designed and built in order to take on increasingly heavy loads brought on by multi story structures. However, depending on the nature and type of structure engineers may decide to use any one of the variety of scaffolding types available. In some cases a custom scaffolding may also need to be used, this can especially be the case with unusually designed buildings. That said a scaffolding in Homebush today needs to be reliable mainly because the durability of the structure and people’s lives depend on it.

The best custom scaffolding in Homebush

Safeway is one of the leading scaffolding experts in Australia today. We specialize in not just setting up and removing scaffoldings but also designing and building custom scaffoldings to suit the needs of any project. Our engineers use some of the best materials and latest design technologies to come up with the right type of scaffoldings which are then assembled and erected in the shortest period of time. The result is a well designed and durable scaffolding which is safe as per all building guidelines.

Take advantage of our experience

Saferway has been building and providing scaffolding in Homebush since 1999. That said we have over three decades of solid experience as well as all the resources at our disposal to pull off any type of project with the best results. We currently offer a number of services which include installing, taking down and assembling scaffoldings. As a 100% Public Liability & Worker Compensation complaint business you can be rest assured that there is no liability on your part when you hire us to undertake this very crucial part of a construction project.

If you are searching for a scaffolding service that you can rely on then call us at (02) 9793 7864, you can also fill out our online form for more information.