SAFEDECKS have been designed with new innovative & unique features. They are designed & engineered by our very own engineers and consultants. Saferway promises to provide consistent support to our clients throughout the project at hand. We also guarantee continued support & communication with our design & production team for any questions or requests.


SAFEDECKS are designed to suit specific project scopes which result in increased efficiency of material handling as well as being cost effective for our clients. Our loading platforms are designed to enable simpler handling of materials particularly for multi- storey construction sites.


  • Our loading platforms extend from the external facade of a building from 4.0 to 5.5 metres
  • Safe-working loads of up to 5 tonne
  • Each loading platform can be dismantled & folded for transport which allows faster installation & relocation
  • SAFEDECKS are tested thoroughly to ensure the highest level of quality & safety.

Feel free to Contact us to get a quote, we will respond within 1-2 business days, or even the same day! Or call us on (02) 9793 7864 and we can send one of our local experts to your project for a free quote.