Today, no building project can be completed without the use of scaffoldings. As a matter of fact scaffoldings are so important that many of the modern day buildings we commonly see would not be possible without them. However, the use of scaffoldings dates back centuries. Many of the homes, Churches and temples built in the ancient world were only possible owing to the use of scaffoldings which often consisted of bamboo and wood. Today, bamboo and wood continue to be used in many part of Asia. That said the latest buildings now require special scaffoldings which are designed to support and bear the loads of large buildings. These scaffoldings need to be custom designed in most cases and built using the highest quality materials. As experts Saferway has been building scaffolding in Parramatta since 1999, and so we know all too well about the latest building projects and their needs.

Scaffolding building specialists

Building scaffoldings is a science but it also requires extensive experience. At Saferway we have the experience, talent and resources to undertake even the most difficult of scaffolding projects with the outcome being flawless. Part of the reason why our scaffoldings are a lot more durable is the fact that we use only the best materials which are then strategically placed to provide the best support to any structure. In addition, our experience allows us to come up and implement the best solution ASAP.

A complete scaffolding service

At Saferway we like to think of ourselves as providing a complete scaffolding in Parramatta service. We provide builders and engineers with a complete service from start to finish so that they do not have to worry about this particular aspect of their project. Every one of our employees is insured which means that there is no liability on part of our clients. Plus we adhere to the latest prescribed building and safety guidelines to avoid any possible legal issues.

If you are searching for the best scaffolding in Parramatta then all you need is to call is at (02) 9793 7864 to discuss your project. You can also get in touch with us via our online form for quotes.